Want to Know The Real Cost of Installing a Surround Sound System? Read Here to Find Out How Much Money It’ll Really Cost You

To boost enjoyment of music, television shows and movies, a surround sound system can be a fantastic investment. This allows buyers to get sound from numerous angles, creating a fuller, richer, deeper and increasingly more realistic sound. A surround sound system can include two small speakers plugged into a wall outlet, or it can include a dozen mounted speakers located throughout the home for cohesive sound. Due to this incredible range of surround sound system, it can be hard to determine an exact price. The following factors are ways that the price of a surround sound system can be driven up or down.

The number of rooms 

It should not come as a surprise to learn that the more rooms are included in a surround sound system, the more expensive both the installation and individual components will be. When multiple rooms are connected via the same surround sound system, the electrical wiring may need to connect between the various components and speakers, all of which requires a repairperson or even a certified electrician. The exception to this rule is wireless surround sound systems, which can operate independently of one another. However, these are considerably more expensive, so there are cost trade-offs involved. Expanding the sound system to the exterior of the home, which is popular for those who have gardens, patios or pools, will further increase the total costs of the system

Wired versus wireless systems

When choosing a surround sound system, one of the biggest decisions will be whether to invest in a wired system or a wireless system. In recent years, wireless surround sound systems have increased significantly in popularity. Wireless systems can often be less expensive, they can access user’s music and movies over the home’s wireless network, installation is minimal and they often don’t require any professional assistance. However, wireless surround sound systems often deliver slightly sub-par musical quality. For the average homeowner, it may be more than sufficient, but it may fall short when trying to create a true home theater experience. Wired surround sound systems are more challenging to install, and most homeowners will need to bring in a professional to do the job, but the audio quality is typically much better.

Mounted versus integrated speakers

Another factor that can significantly influence the cost of a surround sound system is whether the speakers will be mounted or integrated. A mounted speaker, as the name implies, can be mounted onto the wall or simply placed on a bookshelf or television stand. An integrated speaker, on the other hand, is a built-in device that can’t simply be picked up and moved somewhere else. An integrated speaker is often best for those that want serious, booming sound, especially if the sound system is focused primarily in one major room. Integrated speakers have the potential to be more expensive, as well, because they are so big and may come attached to things like stands and speaker cabinets

Prices dependent largely on chosen brand

Surround sound systems are available from a variety of different brands, each of which has a unique style, quality and appearance. Generally, it is best not to mix and match speakers from different brands, but some homeowners do so with great results. While the best brand for any particular surround sound system depends on the budget and expectations of the buyer, some of the leading brands in the industry.

Buyers who purchase a surround sound system, take it out of the box and plug it in right away can expect minimal installation costs, if any. However, upscale and properly calibrated speaker systems can cost more due to the time that planning and installation takes. Hiring a professional to analyze the layout of the room and determine the best system results in high-quality sound but obviously costs more. Calibration is also extra, but ensures that the sub-woofer delivers bass, there are no tinny echoes and sound is as strong as it can be given the equipment.

Extra additional features may increase cost

A surround sound system with six components typically starts at $100 and goes up from there, with the price dependent on the extras included in the system. Some of the best additional features, both installation-wise and system-wise, can include the following:

Concealed wires through molding or trim, inclusion of a blu-ray or DVD player, stands and mounts for speakers, cases for built-in and integrated speakers, remotes to control speakers from throughout the house, wireless Internet connectivity, and tablet or laptop connection capability.


  1. I love surround sound. Our system is old, and there are so many newer and cooler features out there that I’ve been tempted to invest in a new one. Nothing beats surround sound!

    1. Hi George. I’d have to say that surround sound systems have come a long way regarding technology. The features available today offer so many settings that really enhance the experience.

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