There Are All Too Many Reasons That Building a Guest House is a Fantastic Idea. Read Here to Find Out Why It’s Something You Should Seriously Consider

The number of Americans who are choosing to build a separate guest house when planning their new, custom homes, is increasing quickly. Guest houses are wonderful, because they provide separate dwelling spaces for your family or guests. They’re able to be in close proximity, without anyone getting in the way of one another. It isn’t just draining to hosts to have guests…sometimes the guest can get drained, too. There are also other benefits to including a guest house in your new construction plan. Read on to find out!

Given the state of the economy and the aging baby boomer generation, many homeowners are now experiencing periodic additions to their families…sometimes for months on end. The recession and other factors have led increasing numbers of adult children to move back in with their parents following college. And many aging in-laws far prefer moving in with their younger relatives over moving into nursing homes. Guest house plans allow you to comfortably accommodate your family members’ needs, and provide each other’s own privacy and space at the same time.


If you love to entertain, guest house plans can provide the perfect place to host your next shindig. Guests will be able to enjoy themselves comfortably in your adjacent guest space. If things get a little too crazy and some party-goers need space to crash, your guest house will certainly come in handy; plus, it keeps your main home out of the party action.

Guest homes also provide an excellent storage benefit. No need to rent an extra storage unit if your new dream home includes guest house plans. With an extra residence at your disposal, you’ll have plenty of closet and garage space to store your most precious belongings.

Building a guest house is not just for your inevitable visitors. It’s also for you. When your significant other has a gathering like a book club or poker night, the kids have a noisy sleepover, or you need privacy for a business meeting, a guest house solves all of those problems and more.

Also, having a business that you can run from home is often the dream of many entrepreneurs. No commuting is a huge draw. No traffic or city stress. A guest house can let you set up and run your business, hold meetings, or just work from home.

A guest house that doubles as a business or office sure alleviates issues with space and distractions in your main home. Lastly, if you have older people in your life but can’t yet imagine them in a home, then building a guest house is a wonderful alternative. It will give them the independence they crave, yet also provide them with peace of mind that you are close by.


  1. I love our guest house. When my daughter comes home from college for the summer, she stays in the guest house. We converted her room into a guest room. It’s extremely convenient.

    1. Many homeowners do build guesthouses primarily for their children. Usually the older child gets dibs 🙂

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